All About Ukuleles

If there’s one indisputable fact about music I truly didn’t appreciate until recently, it’s that anything involving a ukulele is automatically awesome.

I had an idea that ukuleles might be awesome a few months ago, when I saw this video of a guy named Stuart from Edinburgh covering “The Final Countdown” using something he calls a “Baby Piano Kazoo Ukulele” or simply “kazookeylele”:

After watching this and making sure everyone I know had seen it, I moved on. I didn’t think about ukuleles for months, until my recent trip to Vancouver, where I encountered Ralph Shaw, the King of the Ukulele. He captured everybody’s imagination at Granville Island, with his hit songs from the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. A particular favourite was “Chinese Laundry Blues”. Anyway, here’s his wonderful music video for “I Just Wish I Was In Love”:

After witnessing the King of the Ukulele in action, I understood the brilliance of the instrument. I decided I had to delve deeper into this heretofore unexplored world of awesome. Today, my friends, I believe I have discovered the pinnacle of the ukulele. I present to you the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s live performance of the theme song from Shaft live at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Enjoy:


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