Listen To HORSE The Band.

Here’s a picture of one of my favourite bands:


There’s a couple of things I like about them. First, and most importantly, I like their music. This blog is for me to post things that are awesome, not in-depth musical analysis, so I’m not going to talk too much about the music here. I’ll point you to this nice review of their 2007 album A Natural Death, though.

The second thing I like about them is their sense of humour. This is best illustrated in songs like “Kangarooster Meadows”, “Sex Raptor”, and “Bunnies”. These guys write a lot of ridiculous lyrics and wear ridiculous clothing and are not at all trying to be cool. This, to me, makes them just about the coolest band on earth. Yes, I just called a band that’s written more than one song about video games “just about the coolest band on earth”. I’m not going to take it back, either!

If you like heavy music and you have a soul, you should like HORSE The Band. I mean, in 2008, they embarked on one of the most ambitious tours I’ve ever heard of: The Earth Tour. They booked their own shows in 45 countries, many of which go completely ignored by pretty much every other band on the planet. Sometimes, they got paid to play. Sometimes. Anyway, check ’em out:


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