A Few Awesome Music Videos

I’m generally not a big fan of music videos. Most of them are exactly the same – a band pretending to play one of their songs in some warehouse somewhere, or perhaps at a fake concert, possibly interspersed with a thin storyline and terrible acting. They’re usually bad commercials for bad music. Also, bands generally hate filming these things.

However, there are occasionally some legitimately cool music videos. Sometimes, they change the way you think about a song. Sometimes, a music video can seem more like a work of art than a commercial. It doesn’t happen too often anymore, but it does happen. I was reminded of this when I watched the new video for Every Time I Die’s “Wanderlust”:

The “Wanderlust” video is cool because I think it’s a good representation of the band’s energy and it incorporates artwork created by guitarist Jordan Buckley. Anyway, this got me thinking about some of my favourite videos. Here’s what immediately came to mind:

1. Protest The Hero – Heretics And Killers: This video is ridiculous. The band is dressed as flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz and they’re all looking for jobs in Toronto. They’re also rocking out, hard. Anyone who knows me knows I am completely biased in favour of these guys, as I’ve seen them go from young punks to accomplished progressive metal dudes. As you can see here, these guys can really play, but they’ll never lose their sense of humour.

2. The Devin Townsend Band – Vampira: Townsend is a genius. As well as being known as the driving force of Strapping Young Lad, he’s the guy responsible for the insane self-parody Ziltoid The Omniscient, as well as the excellent recently released Ki album. The video above is from The Devin Townsend Band’s Synchestra and it is probably my favourite music video of all time.

3. Napalm Death – You Suffer: This is the shortest music video ever made and the song is the shortest song ever recorded. I’m posting this because of the novelty of the thing. It’s awesome because it’s ridiculous and probably shouldn’t exist. Also, if you get a chance to see them “perform” this song live, I promise that you will love it… or be very confused.


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