Disneyfied Slipknot

When I was 14, I loved Slipknot. I admit it. I thought they were the heaviest, meanest band on the planet. To my eyes, they were really, really cool.

Now, well, I’m 23. I’m not a Slipknot fan anymore. I’m not a hater or anything, but I’ve grown up. When I want to listen to something heavy and crazy, I listen to much heavier, crazier stuff than Slipknot. I’ve always found them kinda entertaining, though. They’re basically a modern-day Kiss (i.e. they dress in costume and they’re kind of a joke).

Today, I’ve found the ultimate Slipknot joke video. Made by Andy Rehfeldt, this piece of brilliance is a re-imagining of “Wait And Bleed” as a Disney-esque kids’ song. That it syncs perfectly with a live performance from London is a hilarious bonus. Enjoy.


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