You should already know about the cartoon band Dethklok, the stars of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse. If you have never actually seen the show, then you should start watching it immediately because a) it’s hilarious and b) it’s the most metal thing on TV (look at the list of cameos!).

Anyway, I’m coming to you with news in the world of Dethklok. The Dethalbum II is coming out on September 25th and they’re co-headlining the Awesome Tour Featuring Only Awesome Bands (my name for it, anyway) starting on October 2. The co-headliners, you ask? Oh, nobody special, just MASTODON! Oh man, these guys are awesome. Who else? Fine. I’ll tell you. A little band called CONVERGE! Yeah, I know, they’re awesome too. Oh, I almost forgot… the fourth band is HIGH ON FIRE! Hell yes. More awesome. I can’t wait.

If you haven’t seen the new video for “Bloodlines”, I’d kind of like to yell a few obscenities at you. But that wouldn’t be nice, so just watch it now:

One more thing: the third season of the show will debut on November 8th. Wooo-hooo!


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