I Love Guitar Hero, but…

This costs $300.

This is ridiculous. You can now get fake instruments that cost more than some real instruments.

Here’s an article on Engadget about the Mat Catz Fender Stratocaster guitar and here’s one on Gizmodo about Logitech’s crazy drum set and guitar.

I’ve always defended the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games against people who say “blah blah blah, anyone who plays that is a loser… play a REAL instrument, NERD!” It should be plainly obvious to everyone that playing a real instrument and playing these video games are not mutually exclusive activities. They’re different and they can both be enjoyed in different settings. If I’m at a party full of rowdy people, I’d much rather see a group of people screw around on Guitar Hero than listen to the doofus who wants to entertain everyone with his “brilliant” acoustic guitar playing.

The problem comes when you confuse the two. Please, don’t make Guitar Hero your life. If you’re a talented Guitar Hero player, don’t treat it with the same seriousness as you would your actual musical ability (if you have any). Don’t brag about it to your friends. Please, for God’s sake, don’t buy a $300 guitar controller. It’s a fun game – believe me, I’m loving my Matt Bellamy-Johnny Cash-Kurt Cobain-Shirley Manson band in Guitar Hero 5 right now – but it’s just a game. South Park has already tried to teach you this lesson. I’m just repeating it.


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