Listen to Unexpect!

I have no idea how to describe Unexpect. Here’s what it says on Wikipedia, though:

Unexpect (often capitalized uneXpect, unexpecT, UnexpecT) is an avant-garde extreme metal band from Montreal, Canada with an amalgamation of different styles of music, including black metal, death metal, progressive metal, melodic heavy metal, European Classical music, opera, medieval music, jazz, electro, ambient, noise, gypsy music, and circus music.

Yes. You read that right. An amalgam of EVERYTHING, including circus music! This band is amazing. They’re probably the weirdest band I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing, and certainly the weirdest band I’ve ever seen live. There are 7 people in Unexpect and they’re all extremely talented and they all have a lot of energy. Seeing them all share a small stage is completely ridiculous. They make it work, though. They really do. Check ’em out:


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