Muse and Lip-Syncing

Muse and friends

Muse are awesome. They’re absolutely brilliant musicians and they put on a live show rivaled by almost no touring band today. Committing a crime against humanity, an Italian talk show demanded that instead of actually playing their instruments while on the show, they should lip sync and fake-play their instruments as the studio version of their track was played. Muse, being a band with credibility and a sense of humour, went through with the “performance” in a hilarious manner. Watch:

This wasn’t actually the first time they’ve done something like this. Check this out:

I like these Muse performances even better than Nirvana’s famous Top Of The Pops appearance. If you’ve somehow never seen it, though, then it’s also worth a watch:

That’s it for today, people. Check out the new Muse album if you’ve got a chance, it’s pretty damn good.


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