5 Outrageous Music Performances From The Tube

Once again, it’s been a while since my last entry in this crazy old blog of mine. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to dust this baby off by including 5 of my favourite, most outrageous music performances by some of my favourite rocking bands from live TV. It’s always fun to check out a band performing live while under the pressure, and in front of cameras, and a live crowd. Unlike crappy bootleg clips, these all have multiple camera angles and high quality sound to give a pretty damn accurate idea of what the bands were about. Sometimes a band will rise to the occasion under such circumstances and give a balls-out performance to remain unforgotten, and sometimes things go completely amuck. I’m sure there are plenty of clips out there that have fulfilled as such, but here are a couple that stick out in my memory at least, so without further ado, here they are!

First, the recently (and unfortunately) broken up White Stripes live on Conan O’Brien back when they had just released their 4th album Elephant. The Stripes were music guests for an entire week, treating all of us late night TV viewers with 5 epic performances. This here is the final one. They electrify with an older song with Jack playing guitar on Conan’s desk until it dies out (probably from it getting unplugged), then concludes the song by singing with only Meg’s drum to accompany him.

Next is a classic from 1997 by Green Day. I never saw this live since it aired from an Australian kids show (!!), but I had read about it at the time, and it sounded like a riot already. The band was supposed to only appear for an interview until the band abruptly hijacks some other band’s gear to play a non-single filled with tonnes of cursing. The kids cheered, the host was shocked (probably scared too), and the band grinned as usual.

Yeah, another band sadly now defunct here and a performance while on the brink of self-destructing. All the evidence is in this clip. Singer Cedric and 2nd guitarist Omar who went on to form The Mars Volta clearly were on an entirely different playing field from their bandmates (they would form Sparta). Omar’s guitar goes out of tune in the beginning and a switch of the axe is shown even though it seems like playing the song was never a motivation of his by the end. Cedric starts kicking around a chair by mid-song as well, leaving for a very sloppy, but entertaining conclusion by a band who always killed it live.

Here’s an obvious, classic clip circa 92 during the MTV Video Awards. Kurt starts things off with a few lines from the then unreleased Rape Me that must have caused near heart attacks from the squares at MTV who got their panties in a bunch over censorship crap. Apparently, Kurt wanted to perform Rape Me in its entirety, only for those said squares to balk at that suggestion. By the end, Krist tosses his bass in the air only for it to land right on his head, knocking him down, and Dave mockingly calls out to Axel Rose.

Finally, a less obvious choice of mine, but definitely the most outrageous. The Vines during the height of their hype of them being hailed the next Nirvana and saviors of rock. While they weren’t able to accomplish either feat, they’ve still made (and continue to do so) some damn fine albums and frontman Craig Nicholls was out of control live. By the middle of this rendition of Outtathaway, he abandons his playing completely resorting to zany howls and barking. I don’t think host Jools Holland, anyone watching or even his bandmates knew what to think, but nonetheless it provided for a memorable clip.

So there you have it – five of my fave rock clips that I’ve managed to scour from the net. Please feel free to respond with your faves as well!


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